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Posted by Steve Dorsey on March 7, 2014 at 8:55 AM

When a person lacks desire for life they tend to want to isolate themselves from life....

At least that was my case and my experience.

I was taught to look at the driving force behind my behavior and once I took a look at that I realized I needed to take massive action and make some necessary adjustments. 

You see I got caught up into a story that was meant to be a way out for me but I failed to realize it and I just stayed stuck on the negative side of the story. There was actually two sides of the story and the other side was never told, With every down fall there is a upside just like the stock market will crash it all also rise in due time.

I lost all desire and stopped meeting my needs because of all the bad information I was taking in at the time. I can easily blame society and so many other things, the fact remains it was all my doing and so there is no need to do that. 

I felt all alone, I had no desire & needs and all I wanted to do was die.....

Have you ever felt like that or am I the only one? :)

If you have ever felt like that then you might think that you were the only one in the world that felt that way right? 

Well I am here to tell you YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

There are so many people in the world that actually go through the same stuff as "WE" do and there is a way out and I say "WE" because I still have bad days and have to use daily tools and stratgies to manage my life.

In Alcoholics Annymous (AA) you are taught to use the 12 Steps as Tools for Life Management meaning when you are going through something you use what you were taught to get you through it and keep in mind you are not the only one who is going through something in life. 

It wasn't until I stopped going to so many AA meetings and I was hanging out with "regular" people that I realized everyone has problems and not everyone was drinking over thir problems. 

I guess you can say I sat in so many AA meetings telling and listening to  "WAR" stories that I got comfortable and addicted to these types of stories....

That was my desire back then and it met my needs.

I have since created new desires and have new needs, therefore I have a New Story! 

If you are stuck and need help there are so many resourses out there that are willing to help you and I am here to help at the same time. We are in it together so there is no reason for you to feel all alone and stuck! 

If you are in need of help you are always welcome to call upon me and I will do everything I can! 

~ Stand With Steve 

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