Stand With Steve

  Get UnStuck and Back into Life

Today Steve is living life in the present and to the fullest,  he has found his way out of the darkness that use to hold him back and his vision is to become a World Renowned Inspirational & Motivational Speaker.

After his lifeclass experience he has completed two of Tony Robbins most extensive personal development seminars with one of them that involves walking across hot coals as a metaphor for facing any and all fears.

Steve is working a regular job while he continues to work on his career as a speaker and entrepreneur. He spends time behind the camera as a photographer and just enjoys what the future has in store for him.

 He found himself "Standing in The Pause" as he calls it and realized that if everything happens for a reason then it was ok and when the time was right he would know it and sure enough it all came together and today he is in the process of taking everything that life has taught him and Pay it Forward by sharing his Experience Strength and Hope with the world he lives in.....

Life is The Blessing we get to share with others ~ Steve Dorsey 

If you wish to have Steve speak at your next event please send your request to Book Steve Today! Thank You for all of your love and support! 


Steve Dorsey 

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