Stand With Steve

  Get UnStuck and Back into Life

  1. P- Purge past Experiences (Press Rewind)

This moment was a life changer for me. Watching a sea of people stand up with me and validate me during my time of struggle. This one appearance lead to all the other shows I was on. 

I learned so much about spiritual growth, dealing with addiction…etc etc.

But once I got home, after this exhilarating rollercoaster ride, there was no more “Standing with Steve”. No more personal learning and coaching. Everything stood still and after a year…everything had come to a slow stop.

I found myself, STANDING IN THE PAUSE –

What was next for “Stand with Steve”? I had all the tools I needed but putting them into action on my own was a whole different thing. I knew my journey wasn't over but I was standing in the pause. 

What next?

Definition of  Standing in the Pause Means

  • A temporary moment of stillness

  • An brief interruption of action

  • It is not permanent!

  • All that is needed is for something to come along and ACTIVATE it again

I wanted to share my experience of what you should do when standing in the pause.

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